Making Great Radio

I remember I was 8, maybe 9 years old. I had a portable radio in my room. I mostly listened to rock 'n' roll on WCGQ. But one night - I don't remember the day, but maybe it was a Thursday - they took a half hour and programmed something different.

It was the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. This would have been 1980 or '81 - but they were hearkening back to the golden years of 1940s radio drama. Voices created a movie in my head. I followed the story from start to finish, captivated.

Good radio makes you feel things. It doesn't just inform you, it engages you. Great radio is the radio that gets you caught up in the story, and keeps you there. When I think of my interviews, I think of them in terms of the story.

Talking to someone on my show is not just about information. It's about moving the conversation and the listener through a journey. Through the many years since that epic Thursday evening, there have been few things I have loved as much as radio. I am thankful that it continues to be a part of my life - and that now I can contribute something to the conversation.

I hope you enjoy the work we do. here on my staff we literally think about you and talk about you - the listener - with every show that we make. We constantly seek to make this the best possible experience for you it can be.

At our best moments, I want to give you something like what I felt back on that night in 1980. Or was it '81?

No matter when or how you do it, thank you always for listening.