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A shift in focus for this blog


From David Dault, President and CEO:

When we redesigned the CSEC website recently, we added this blog - but weren't quite sure what to do with it. For a while, I thought it would be a place to write up various musings, while walking around the city, or a way to react to things encountered while surfing the web.

Well, now that has shifted a bit. There is a new blog, which I (David) am writing for the Tribune Corporations ChicagoNow blogspace, is called #FaithLoop. You can connect to it here.

So whence this space? We've decided that we'll use it for letting you know about projects we're working on. We'll post updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of how we develop and craft the stories we tell.

We hope you'll enjoy a peek behind the curtain. Thanks for reading, and please let us know what you think!