Chicago Sunday Evening Club is a faith-focused organization of business and civic leaders that examines

and promotes the moral and religious welfare of the city. It serves as a spiritual catalyst throughout the

Chicago area to inspire people of faith to join together for the building

of a good and great city.

Episode 1 of 3 introduces the looming crisis in geriatric care (the "silver tsunami" or "age wave") for those people age 65 and over.

Episode 2 of 3 looks at Alzheimer's and dementia, through the eyes of Bob and Jennifer Green, a Chicago family who is caring for an aging parent.

Episode 3 of 3 widens the focus to look at the issues and maintenance of health care for older adults.  We highlight partnerships between hospitals and faith communities ("congregational health models") to embed health care within congregations.  We challenge viewers to explore and implement these models in their own communities.


Our mission is to tell stories that inspire people to put their faith into action.